This character’s story will be about 2020


Despite his importance, Joe West was notably absent for much of season 6 of The Flash due to actor Jesse L. Martin being absent due to a back injury.

In the upcoming season of The Flash, Eric Wallace reveals that Joe West will be deeply affected by “social events.” Although Wallace doesn’t go into much detail, he highlights that a side effect of the many events of 2020.

Wallace emphasizes that Joe West’s sense of kindness is something that has always been key to his character; more specifically, if Joe is aware of any kind of injustice, he is not someone to “turn a blind eye” on The Flash.

As a result, Wallace says that what happens to Joe will create a richer and deeper character experience in a way that viewers have not seen before in The Flash.

Joe West has long been one of the most central characters in The Flash. He is also known as one of the most entrenched, especially when surrounded by superheroes.

As such, while Joe West might not have any power, it’s clear from his strong moral compass and sense of justice that The Flash has managed to create a hero.

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