This character will come back and Inbar Lavi approved.


As fans prepare for the final run of Lucifer Morningstar (played by Tom Ellis) and company on Netflix, the next few episodes will bring back a string of familiar faces.

Among them are Lucifer’s first love and the world’s first woman, Eva (Inbar Lavi), who wreaked havoc on the gang’s feelings in season four.

While it is unknown when or for how long, it has been confirmed that newcomer and firm favorite Inbar Lavi will reprise his role at some point during the final sixteen episodes of Lucifer.

Inbar Lavi has sparked more rumors about Eva’s role in the upcoming series. Given that the cast and crew are well into the filming of season six, it’s fair to assume that Inbar Lavi will play a pivotal role in the final season of Lucifer.

However, after its impressive debut in season four, there is a chance that it could be reintroduced earlier in response to overwhelming demand from Lucifer fans.

Your latest post may also include a cheeky sneak peek at what could happen in Eva’s future. Inbar Lavi’s diabolical references in her latest social media post could contain a subtle reveal for Lucifer.

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