This character will appear in the next episode.


Cindy was introduced as one of Vought’s test subjects at the Sage Grove Center with telekinetic powers. After all the inmates are released from their cells, Cindy gives The Boys a firsthand look at their powers.

The Boys showrunner Kripke confirms in a video that Cindy will be returning. Kripke claims that Cindy is definitely still alive and just as dangerous as before. However, Kripke admits that he is unsure when Cindy will reappear.

By the time Cindy and her powers were presented, she seemed to be a perfect fit as the culprit, especially considering she had already escaped from the Sage Grove Center when the Congressional hearing massacre at The Boys took place.

Yet in another unexpected twist, The Boys season 2 finale reveals that it is none other than Congresswoman Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) who is responsible for the exploding heads.

While it’s unclear when Cindy will return to action, fans have a lot to look forward to in season 3. Between The Boys’ eternal war against Vought, Hughie’s new job, and the possible return of Stormfront.

While Cindy’s immediate future on The Boys may be up in the air, Kripke and his team are almost guaranteed to make Cindy’s triumphant return as shocking (and explosive) as possible.

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