This character is the most impressive villain for the team


No villain compares to Legends of Tomorrow’s greatest villain: Damien Darhk. Portrayed by Neal McDonough, the Arrowverse version of Damien Darhk served as a major villain in Arrow season 4.


Damien Darhk, who appears in Legends of Tomorrow, is not the man who murdered Laurel Lance and tried to master the destruction in Star City on Arrow. Instead, it is a younger version that was pulled from his timeline by Eobard Thawne.

Damien really enjoyed his nastiness and clearly loved his job. At the same time, he’s highly intelligent, power-hungry, and willing to get his hands dirty, making him a genuine danger in Legends of Tomorrow.

He’s also less arrogant in Legends of Tomorrow than Arrow’s version of the character, and he even teamed up with fellow Legion member Malcolm Merlyn to get the team’s de facto leader, Eobard, to treat them as equals.

Obviously, the Legion’s victory didn’t last, rather than staying dead like the other villains in Legends of Tomorrow, Damien managed to come back to life with the magical help of his now-adult daughter, Nora, in season 3.

If anything, it’s even funnier and more cruel after his resurrection. Whether he’s embarrassing Nora by making dad jokes or wreaking havoc on history in his and Nora’s quest to find all six of Zambesi’s totems in Legends of Tomorrow.

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