This character is no longer in the series


With so many Grey’s Anatomy announcements and trivia, fans have forgotten about Arizona Robbins’ character, which is why her actress Jessica Capshaw said this.

Since the Grey’s Anatomy series arrived on the Netflix platform, the character Arizona Robbins has been completely forgotten for more than two years, so says its actress, Jessica Capshaw.

“Netflix has given birth to this whole new generation of Grey’s viewers and the funniest thing is, I haven’t been on the show for two years, but nobody knows.

“But it’s funny, people think they still think I’m Arizona and I’m on the show. Nothing has changed”.

Recall that Arizona Robbins actress Jessica Capshaw entered Grey’s Anatomy during season 5 and left it in season 15. But Capshaw explains why she is still confused.

“It’s funny, and kind of ironic, that the first movie I’d make after Grey’s Anatomy is on Netflix, when that streaming platform is almost singularly the reason fans still think I’m on Grey’s. So some people just think. in you that way. ”

Recently, the Netflix platform has just released the movie, “Holidate” or in Spanish, “Amor de calendar”, with the participation of Jessica Capshaw.

The actress continued to comment during her interview about her wishes for wanting to do comic series or movies before and after entering Grey’s Anatomy, but ended up spending 10 years on the show.

Grey’s Anatomy fans certainly can’t forget Chief of Pediatric and Fetal Surgery Arizona Robbins, who is no longer on the show.

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