This can happen if BTS and Michael Jackson had met


Two pop legends together, BTS and Michael Jackson would have collaborated ?, Taj Jackson, nephew of the ‘King’ answers this question.

The boys of BTS are one of the most influential K-pop bands in different fields such as: social networks, digital platforms and in the international music industry, the group represented by Big Hit Entertainment, breaks records with each presentation and interaction with your audience.

Michael Jackson was one of the most talented and successful international artists of all time, the singer originally from the city of Gary in Indiana, United States, from a very young age he experienced fame with his brothers.

BTS and Michael Jackson are two music legends, who unfortunately could not coincide in times, but they have several similarities, because their careers are iconic, they are united by the love for music, dance, creativity, professionalism and their brilliance special on stage.

Each of these artists represents the spirit of their generation, on the one hand, Michael Jackson wrote hopeful songs that spoke of the inner strength of people and on the other hand BTS tries to carry their message of ‘Love Yourself’.

The boys of BTS and the interpreter of ‘Smooth Criminal’ are the musicians with the best sales in the world of record materials, official merchandise, films and other articles, Michael was a spokesperson to make visible social problems, like Jin, Jimin, J- Hope, Jungkook, V, Suga, and RM.

If you have ever wondered, what would have happened if the idols of BTS and Michael had met? Would they have collaborated? Would they be close artists? Well, Taj Jackson, nephew of the ‘King of Pop’ answered this question.

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Taj Jackson spoke a bit with netizens and one of them asked him what would your uncle think about the Bangtan Boys? The musician quickly replied:

I know he would like, my uncle would like he appreciated art, artists and hard working people so that’s even a question, my uncle would have collaborated with them

The nephew of the ‘King of Pop’ said that no one had given the Big Hit boys anything and since his uncle had always been at number one on the popularity charts, he was sure Michael would have respected them too much.

Taj in other messages with fans on social networks mentioned that the Bangtan Boys and ARMY do a hard job, unconditionally supporting the band for many years and added that:

I have a couple of friends who met BTS and I haven’t heard anything but amazing things about them and their hard work ethic, their kindness. I wish you all the success in the world. They deserve it

A curious fact is that in the video trailer for the song ‘Dynamite’ by BTS, there is a step of a kick in the air, this movement is iconic in the difficult choreographies that Michael Jackson created for his presentations. WOOOA.


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