This app tells you what your symptoms correspond to


Spain is experiencing one of the worst moments of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus in this third wave of infections after Christmas. Once again, and as it already happened in March and April of last year, many Spanish hospitals are overwhelmed and are trying to set up different areas to house COVID-19 patients.

Inevitably, this causes many people to panic the moment they begin to feel any symptoms that may be related to the coronavirus. However, we cannot saturate hospitals and medical centers any more because of having certain symptoms that could also be typical of a common cold or the flu itself. On the contrary, if the symptoms are clear, it is advisable to go or contact the doctor so that they can do a test and determine if we are infected to avoid infecting other people.

To help us differentiate if the symptoms we have may be due to COVID-19 or if, on the contrary, we may have the flu or a common cold, the Spanish Immunology Society has made a new mobile app available to everyone that has been especially designed for it.

Once again, new technologies make it possible to make certain tools such as this application available to everyone, capable of differentiating the symptoms of these three diseases in just a couple of minutes. This app arises from the joint effort of the Spanish Immunology Society in collaboration with Bayesia, the Royal Spanish Football Federation and a group of doctors from all over the Spanish geography.

A tool that has been developed in accordance with published bibliographic research and that has been carried out from the analysis of data from 6,000 patients from different parts of Europe together with additional indications from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

How to perform the symptom test with the SEICoV app

How could it be otherwise, the app that has been baptized with the name of SEICoV, is available completely free for iOS and Android devices in the respective application stores. Once downloaded, the first thing we will see is a main screen showing an infographic that refers to the symptoms of colds, flu and COVID.


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