This animated mask expresses your emotions


Something that we saw in countries like Japan – rooted in its culture of not disturbing others – the use of masks has become a global example of the Coronavirus crisis. The use of these in all countries makes the scope of the pandemic clear. And as a mandatory item to use, there are even electronic ones with air purifiers from brands such as Xiaomi or LG.

A mask that reflects your emotions

And so, today of masks, protective screens and others, some experts have created another electronic mask. Only that unlike the previous ones, this one does not serve as a protective measure against COVID-19, but has another purpose: to show the emotions of whoever wears the mask.

The Hirata Takegawa Laboratory at Future University Hakodate in Japan has created the E2-Mask Z, a digital mask with a screen that allows users to express emotions through an anime avatar. The digital mask uses an Artificial Intelligence (AI) module to recognize and “understand the expressions of happiness, sadness or anger of the users” and then represent them through an anime-style avatar.

With a design similar to the ones we usually see in science fiction movies and games, the E2-Mask Z has an electronic screen where you can see the anime character. Underneath it has a transparent fabric that the wearer can see through. You see with the mask on, but whoever is looking at you cannot see your face, they only see the screen and the expressions that the animated avatar shows.

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