This altcoin on Binance exploded epic: That’s why!


Zilliqa (ZIL), an altcoin supporting the high-performance network of the same name, has grown by 60% today on the Binance exchange. Having reached $0.164, the highest price level since May 19, 2021, ZIL has far outpaced the top 100 cryptocurrencies.

How did this altcoin grow so fast?

Zilliqa, which has been in the spotlight of investors for more than a year, currently seems close to entering the top 60 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, second only to Harmony (ONE) and BitTorrent-New (BTT). Altcoin gained huge popularity on March 26 after a sudden increase of more than 100 percent in one day, despite the relatively sluggish performance of the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

Despite some pressure from sellers, ZIL manages to maintain the rally. Altcoin also added another 71% to its rally over the next three days. It is worth noting that the rally took place after the upcoming Metaverse Metropolis project, supported by Zilliqa, announced its affiliation with Agora, a global talent award application.

“Metropolis” will be released in April

Sandra Helou, head of metaverse and NFT at blockchain startup Zilliqa, says that the partnership under consideration will make Zilliqa a leader in the metaverse industry. On the other hand, it is not entirely clear whether the Zilliqa metaverse itself could have triggered such a large bullish movement. Before becoming an Agora partner, Metropolis also launched several esports partnerships to achieve greater prominence. The altcoin platform metaverse is expected to launch in Miami, Florida, in early April.

As previously reported , Zilliqa was launched in 2017 by researchers Amrit Kumar and Shinshu Don. The altcoin project was initially positioned as a much faster alternative to Ethereum, capable of achieving high throughput thanks to its technology called Sharding. Also last September, Zilliqa announced the launch of the NFT market.