This Altcoin Made 6200% In Just One Month!


Cryptocurrency strategist and trader Josh Rager brought to the attention of the community a new crypto token that jumped by about 6,200% in less than a month.

Rager told his followers on Twitter that Shroom.Finance (SHROOM) was doubling over the next 30 days.

“SHROOM is currently around $ 0.01 and if the MEME can go from $ 30 to $ 1600 in a month; When Shroom bridges the game, DeFi, and NFTs, there is no reason why it can’t go up to $ 0.50 and above from the current price. ”

Shroom Brings a New Breath to the Game Industry

According to the website, Shroom.Finance is a fork of the Sushiswap protocol. The new crypto asset aims to create community-owned DEXs (decentralized exchanges) that specialize in the $ 10 billion in-game asset industry.

“We envision a future where exchangeable and immutable in-game assets freely trade in a decentralized fashion, and from that point we are here to build a community of players.”

Rager points to the widely spoken trend of unique tokens (non-fungible tokens – NFTs) as a possible bullish catalyst for SHROOM.

“Suppose NFTs are one of the hottest trends 2020 has ever seen.

The Shroom Finance team is creating a decentralized finance ecosystem for in-game asset trading and money printing. This includes NFTs (ERC-721, ERC-1155) and ERC-20 token standards.

In the long run I really see a rise in SHROOM. ”

Trader also said Shroom.Finance will allow SHROOM holders of the new DEX to participate and generate income through yield farming.

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