This Altcoin Joins Metaverse Craze: The Price Has Gone Green!


Zilliqa joins the metaverse craze by launching Metapolis, an immersive and gamified XR (Extended reality) platform that combines augmented and virtual reality. The platform will allow users to interact with others in the virtual world and appear with NFT avatars. After the announcement on the official Twitter account of the project, the price of Zilliqa (ZIL) moved. Let’s take a look at the details of the announcement and the price movements.

Ziliqa joins the metaverse craze!

Zilliqa is announcing its move to the metaverse by announcing that it will launch its augmented reality (XR) metaverse platform in January next year. The world of Metapolis will include brands, artists, concepts, real estate, games and more. Users can interact with these features and even travel in the virtual world through NFT avatars. According to Zilliqa, the features in Metapolis will be conceptually rich and offer a new layer of interaction for both the physical and digital worlds. With these news, the price of ZIL has also turned green again.

Zilliqa (ZIL) price has been rising since the early hours of the announcement, reaching a local December high of $0.06942. ZIL is ranked 104th by market cap with a market cap of $849,710,376.

What is Metapolis? What is it aiming for?

Metapolis plans to integrate many of today’s popular industries, including social media, e-commerce, mobile and web. It will provide a new and fun way for users to interact with these technologies, while offering a much better way for brands to market themselves and reach their target audiences. Metapolis users will be able to obtain customized NFT avatars that they can then use to interact with other market phenomena.