This AI will help avoid accidents to motorcyclists


Road accidents are more common than they appear and most of the time they can be avoided. At the moment, the driver is responsible for handling the vehicle as well as its maintenance, although the mishaps are always there. Fortunately, electronics greatly help drivers with increasingly sophisticated systems that prevent disasters in one way or another. But in the case of motorcycles it seems that there are few things that help, but this ended with the arrival of the Ride Vision.

An algorithm that helps motorcyclists

It is a fact that the drivers of a two-wheeler are more vulnerable than those who circulate in a car. In fact, they have the disadvantage of constantly maintaining their balance and a mistake leaves them on the road devoid of any protection beyond clothing. But let’s stop getting into it, because thanks to technology we find new advances that help you drive your motorcycle.

This novelty consists of a camera system placed on the front and rear of the motorcycle, giving the vehicle an improvement that helps to control everything that happens around it. Each element is under surveillance in such a way that the system alerts the rider with an LED. These are housed in the part of the mirrors and warn of the passage of a car through the blind spot or the presence of a vehicle at a higher speed from the rear.

They have two positions: the first, placed at the end of the two mirrors, launches an amber warning signal that informs of the close position of an object on one side, whether it is visible or not. The second system of lights is red and jumps when the algorithm predicts a movement towards the rider, at which point it is recommended to brake to give way or avoid an accident.

In the end, you drive

This is so. Ride Vision is one more tool that helps you make your motorcycle trip easier at least at a safety level. However, this is one more security system and it doesn’t work wonders. By this we mean that in the end it is you who drives and you have to be responsible while on the road.


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