This AI Takes Your Temperature Or Prints Your Documents By Smiling


Artificial Intelligence: Investment in research of new applications of artificial intelligence are increasing. They are not only dedicated to studying faces to place a photographic filter well or to find the best answer to the search you do on a web page. But there are many more applications that have facial recognition for the activation of certain devices, as is happening at Canon Information Technology in Beijing, where its facial recognition AI activates devices with the smile of its employees.

A smile that opens doors

In the workplace you always have to be courteous and always have your best face at the customer’s service. This gives a good image of the company, but things that are good for the public are also good within the company, such as serving colleagues with a good smile, even the devices with which they work.

And it is that this has been taken to heart at Canon Information Technology in Beijing, to such an extent that a smile can open the door or start an impression. That’s right, and it’s all thanks to an artificial intelligence that activates functions with the smile of its employees. A camera captures the image of the person who wants to interact such as making an impression, opening a door with an identification process or taking the temperature before entering the recital.

The reason, according to the statements collected by Business Insider, is a measure to generate a positive atmosphere at work. “Most people are too shy to smile, but once they get used to smiles in the office, they just keep their smiles without the system that creates a positive and lively atmosphere”, they pick up in the middle through an informant .

A new way to go to work

The Japanese division of the firm is the one that has made that artificial intelligence that activates devices with the smile of the workers. It’s a good initiative for workers to rush to work, but it won’t necessarily mean they’re happy. It will be a good function to try to improve the environment that will have to be verified over time with the integrated tool.


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