Third Person Revenge, Shin Ye Eun’s New Korean Drama


Shin Ye Eun was cast as the lead in the drama Third Person Revenge, where the story centers on a girl who seeks revenge due to her great love for her family. She knows more about this production.

Shin Ye Eun’s career has been growing with new and more and more ambitious projects, in 2021 she has shone with dramas like More Than Friends and Meow, The Secret Boy, in 2022 she plans to give a twist to the cute and adorable appearance of she.

The actress was cast as the lead in the drama Third Person Revenge, where she will play a student seeking revenge, according to the producers she will have a girl crush vibe. What can you expect from this K-drama?

The Korean drama Third Person Revenge will be directed by Kim Yoo Jin and the script by Lee Hee Myung. Shin Ye Eun will be Ok Chan Mi, a student who arrives at a new school, where she will try to find the person responsible for the death of her twin brother.

Ok Chan Mi’s mission is to go unnoticed until she can get revenge on her brother, but what problems will she find in her way? Our protagonist may not only have to deal with the pain of losing her. : 0

Studio S is in talks with the OTT platform for the world premiere of the drama during 2022, but so far they are only proposals and it is not official that the story comes through this medium. What do you think of the production?

Shin Ye Eun’s schedule will be full, as she is currently working on the filming of the remake movie Secret with EXO’s Kyungsoo, she will have a special appearance in the second season of Yumii’s Cells 2 and now Third Person Revenge.