Thinking like a criminal is back, and star Paget Brewster dropped some photos of Emily Prentiss to celebrate


Due to the fact that at the beginning of this year, “Think like a Criminal” changed houses for streaming, fans of the long-standing CBS crime drama, who can boast of a Paramount + subscription, were able to watch the sometimes disturbing drama in plenty, waiting for the debut of the revival on the streaming service. . With his rather quick return officially confirmed in July, a new chapter in the lives of the characters of “Thinking Like a Criminal” will come at some point in 2023. A new look at Paget Brewster’s Emily Prentiss. Just probably don’t expect her to have turned into a big softie over the years.

For many years in “Thinking Like a Criminal,” both before and after her multi-season absence, Paget Brewster was mostly synonymous with bangs, which is important for the show, which also featured Kirsten Wangsness’ color-changing bangs for several seasons. But it looks like Prentiss is returning to her roots (literally and figuratively) with her hair play in the new episodes of “Thinking Like a Criminal,” and the look seems to reflect Brewster’s everyday style much more. Check out the first of her recent Twitter posts below!

Oh, hi guys!! This is my first morning hairstyle and makeup @criminalminds…. I hope you’re all excited about being a little older, bolder, unfiltered, gray-haired Prentiss. And if not, that’s cool, just tell someone else.

Paget Brewster, whose A+ voice acting in the HBO animated adult comedy Max Birdgirl obviously didn’t require any hairstyle changes, is all about bringing natural beauty to the future of streaming Prentiss for Criminal Minds. And a little audacity. Don’t forget about the audacity! Rossi better watch himself. And Mendoza, too, assuming he’s still in the frame after the finale of the original series, in which the couple watched at home in Denver before potentially moving. Regardless of how things are going in the relationship department, Prentiss’ new behavior gives the impression that she will be in a good mood.

So, even if they don’t quite point to the character of her fictional character, Paget Brewster’s beaming smile and general glee cannot be ignored. And she wants fans of “Think Like a Criminal” to know that the cast and crew are just as eager to come back as we are to see it happen.

Okay, it was an unsuccessful attempt to shoot in the head, but thank you all for the kind words!! All @criminalminds just want you to be happy that we are coming back! We miss you, love you and can’t wait to reunite. August 2022

Brewster followed that post with a photo of her smiling even more, which doesn’t necessarily indicate what Prentiss will do when faced with the latest UnSub threat. When “Thinking Like a Criminal” returns, the actress will be joined by stars Joe Mantegna, Kirsten Wangsness, A.J. Cook, Aisha Tyler and Adam Rodriguez, and further casting will presumably take place as production is launched. The new storyline focuses on a deadly criminal who spent time during the pandemic collecting footage of serial killers who cause widespread panic after the world reopens and BAU needs to identify and hunt them all down.

She still had darker locks when Paget Brewster appeared in How I Met Your Father earlier this year as Sophie Hilary Duff’s mother, but in this year’s horror film Hypochondriac, she went for a grayer approach. By all means, no matter how much the actress wants to bring Emily Prentiss back to the small screen, we are here for that. And if she is completely infatuated with Prentiss, following Garcia, shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow, it also works wonders.

“Thinking Like a Criminal” will debut on Paramount+ in 2023, but check out our TV premiere schedule for 2022 to find out what new and old shows will appear before the end of the year.


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