Things Will Get Painfully Complicated


Jungkook wrinkled his nose and snorted when his eyes fell on the little omega who looked very happy in the company of another alpha who was not him.

Little Tae threw his head back and gave a loud laugh. Jungkook wanted to throw up at the scene, was it valid right? To get jealous of those two, since Jin and his brother had left the pack the taller boy seemed like he had lived here his whole life, even Hobi had adopted him into his group of friends and compared them to the 3 musketeers. It was a bummer.

“You look pathetic.” He heard from behind and turned to glare at Yoongi. “Affected by not being the center of attention once in your life, J?”

“Don’t talk nonsense.” He growled, hiding his hands in the pockets of his sweatshirt so as not to show how angry he was when he clenched his fists.

-Come on, let the boy have fun, Jin has a partner, do you forget?

-It’s still an alpha

-And you a pimple in the butt, J

“Well, we both look pitiful, don’t we?” He said, trying to joke, but wanted to find out a bit about his best friend’s situation. It had been a couple of weeks since the arrival of 3 pack wolves, Jin and Namjoon seemed happy, but… Jimin was another story

-It’s worse to be an uncontrolled cellopath, J

-God, just … shut up.-He said looking away at his little omega, in Jin’s arms, celebrating his new record in the video game machine and before he knew it, he was heading towards them with the most false smile than could draw on his face

“Are you having fun?” He tried to sound innocent and could swear he heard Yoongi’s eyes roll over. Pathetic, that was how it felt but had had enough

-Oh, alpha. Hi. ” Tae sang as he sipped his milkshake and looked at him with bright eyes

Oh alpha? Jungkook almost broke his teeth from the force in which he clenched his jaw. It sounded like … he forgot he was there too.

“I’m still here baby, I’m not gone.” He put his arm around the omega’s shoulders and drew him into a tight grip against his side. “So… are you done?”

-No.-Tae wrinkled his nose and giggled as if Jungkook had said the dumbest thing in the world.-Jin is amazing alpha, I only had to explain to him once how this worked and he beat my score, can you believe it?

The alpha feigned interest as he looked at Jin, who seemed very focused on the game he was playing, looked at him from head to toe, wishing … he didn’t know what, but he hoped the damn buttons would stop working so his omega could stop bragging about how good a player he was

– … that’s why I think he’s the best friend I could have in the world. “God.” He said scared and covered his mouth with his hands. “Don’t tell Hobi that I said that, he’ll be upset.” Alpha? -He asked giving a little pull to his clothes so that he could look at him

-What? -He said distracted

-You’re good? I know we’ve been here a long time, but… if you’re tired don’t worry, Yoongi could wait for us and take me home

-No, I will, you are my boyfriend, my omega, I must take care of you

-Good, then will you join us?


“What are you doing here then?” He asked really confused and Jungkook pinched the bridge of his nose, frustrated and feeling rejected. I knew I had no reasons but it was so so hard

-I was bored there alone.-he said simply

-Yoongi is with you

“Yeah, but … he’s boring, you know.” He rolled his eyes in false drama. “Very depressed and all that.”

But Tae let go of his grip and looked at him annoyed. Hell, this wasn’t what I was expecting


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