Things we all do when we start a new game

Because gamers have a lot of habits and a certain routine in the way they consume video games, sometimes they will try things out in a new game just to get a feel for its capabilities. It’s a bit absurd, but in the end, we all understand each other.

It must be said that the players are beasts of habit. As soon as we start a new game, we all have our little routine of things that we do, just to get an idea of ​​the limits and the possibilities offered by this new playground that we have in our hands. From an external point of view, it makes absolutely no sense and it is even a little absurd, but we know very well why we are doing all this. It’s a habit, and you don’t lose a habit so easily!

Ultimately, it might sound completely dumb, but it isn’t that much: there are games that don’t penalize too much for fall damage. Others where it’s instant death. So to be sure, you have to try! We jump off a cliff and estimate the distance from which we will die for the next angel’s jump …



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