Things that you may not have known about this tool


The WhatsApp Web platform allows you to use WhatsApp from your computer, with the convenience of not having to check your mobile. We leave you these curiosities.

To make use of the WhatsApp Web platform, it is available on the page, and it works with all the operating systems in which WhatsApp is available: Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

Likewise, to use the WhatsApp Web version it is also compatible with all operating systems, and works with the Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge browsers.

But this time at La Verdad Noticias we want to let you know some things that maybe you did not know WhatsApp Web can do, of course now you can make video calls and calls, but it is not all.

Customize desktop alerts

WhatsApp Web desktop alerts is no secret. But, what many users are unaware of is that desktop notifications can be customized to suit the user.

Instead of receiving notifications in the browser as they are configured by default (that is, with an audible warning and a preview of the received message), from the WhatsApp Web page for PC there is the possibility of manually deactivating some of the Notification functions.


We enter
We log in.
Click on the icon with the three dots in the upper right corner.
In the menu click on “Notifications”.

Now, what we will see on the screen is a floating window with all the customizable options related to desktop notifications. We can activate or deactivate any of these options, as well as, in the case of the selectable menu “Deactivate alerts and sounds for …”, we can select the time during which we do not want to be interrupted with notifications.

Modify the profile in WhatsApp Web

The version of WhatsApp Web itself has a section in which it is possible to customize the WhatsApp profile, being able to modify not only the status itself, but also the user’s profile photograph, undoubtedly a trick that will get us out of trouble.

Step by step to edit the profile on WhatsApp Web:

Log in.
Click on the three icon in the upper right corner of the chat window.
Select “Profile and status”.
Now, we can edit both the profile picture and the status. Changes are stored automatically, so it is not necessary to click on any option after making changes to the status.

Send voice notes

This trick can be especially useful for laptop users, since these devices -for the most part- include a microphone as standard. And it is that, as in a smartphone, the WhatsApp Web site allows you to send voice notes from the computer. For this it is not necessary to install any application, since the web version itself integrates this function.

Send a voice note from WhatsApp Web:

Login to WhatsApp Web
From the left side of the page, we open a conversation.
In the conversation window, Click on the microphone icon.

Be careful, if this is the first time we are doing this procedure, the page will ask us to authorize the use of the microphone in the browser. We carry out this step and, now, we record the voice message that we want to send.

Just as we can send voice messages from the computer, we can also reproduce the messages we receive from our contacts on the speakers (or headphones).


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