Things Jungkook will do and ARMY keep waiting


The singer of ‘My Time’ is one of the greatest K-pop figures in the world, the boy originally from the city of Busan began his artistic training from a very temperate age, which allowed him to absorb a lot of knowledge about music, singing and dance.

Jungkook began to dream of being a K-pop idol as a child and now shines on the international stages with his fellow Beyond The Scene, managing to fulfill all his dreams and living great experiences.

The interpreter of ‘Dynamite’ is a complete artist, who knows that perseverance is the key to success, that is why he does not stop preparing and enjoying every moment of his career. What do you most admire about Jungkook?

ARMY has been able to get to know Jungkook better because he is very sincere with them and has shared some goals and projects that he has in mind. On this occasion we present you some activities that Golden Maknae promised to their fans and that they have not presented.


VLive streaming

VLive live broadcasts are already a classic for the boys of BTS. In May, Jungkook promised that he would do a live for ARMY, the idol commented that he would be alone to chat with his fans, but unfortunately the ‘Still With You’ singer has not returned to the famous platform.

Jungkook’s mixtape

Before Agust D released his second mixtape, there was a lot of speculation about which member of BTS was going to release a solo album, some rumors suggested that Jungkook was going to surprise his fans with his first solo record material.

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Fans believed Jungkook was ready to take the big step of making his solo debut, and the Big Hit Entertainment idol addressed this in BTS’s latest movie, where he said he had some fears and one of them was that he didn’t know. if their individual projects would work. Do you think Jungkook will release his mixtape soon?

The full version of Decalcomania

Jungkook left his fans very excited by talking about the song ‘Decalcomania’, an English track that was composed by himself with the help of Namjoon. The song is believed to have been released as part of the K-pop idol’s birthday celebrations, but was not released.

The song ‘Decalcomania’ is a ballad that has a melancholic tone and an excerpt from the lyrics says:

Come and tell me something with your beautiful heart, I will disappear, please, all the numbers are too big


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