Things Are Changing: Bitcoin, Altcoins and NFTs Are Now in Bodies!


We have seen cryptocurrencies become the center of attention, attract the attention of many, make many rich and change lives. Now we see people getting cryptocurrencies or anything related to cryptocurrencies tattooed.

Cryptocurrency Tattoo

According to a study published by Crypto Head, people are increasingly starting to wear cryptocurrencies as tattoos on their bodies. According to the report, Google search volume and Instagram hashtag data show that interest in crypto tattoos has increased by 222 percent over the past year.

According to the statements made, we see that while #bitcointattoo is used the most, we see that people are almost competing to get a tattoo of the leading cryptocurrency. While this hashtag has become popular on Instagram lately, we can say that tattoo artists have started to work on this issue.

In addition, the second most searched hashtag for cryptocurrency tattoos on Instagram is #Cryptotattoo, the third is #dogecointattoo, and the fourth is #ethereumtattoo. In addition, we see that many people have tattoos of their NFT collections.

New Trend in Crypto Ecosystem

Data on Facebook and Twitter also seem to support Instagram and Google data. According to researchers, #bitcointattoo is also very popular on Twitter. Therefore, people are now getting tattoos to carry cryptocurrencies, which change their lives in one way or another, on their bodies for life. This actually shows how much business has grown.

Also, as we mentioned above, NFT collections have recently taken their place on the bodies of fans as tattoos… Well, would you consider getting a cryptocurrency or NFT tattoo?