Thief Arrested for Defrauding Microsoft and Buying Bitcoin


Volodymyr Kvashuk, a 26-year-old Ukrainian, was sentenced to 18 separate crimes for his work to defraud the giant software company Microsoft. In August 2016, it was learned that Kvashuk, who worked as a software engineer at Microsoft, stole almost $ 10 million from the company and tried to cover some of it with Bitcoin (BTC).

Volodymyr Kvashuk worked as a software engineer at Microsoft between 2016-2018. During his tenure at the company, Kvashuk took part in testing the online sales platform developed by Microsoft. Even after Kvashuk left the project, he was able to access the platform. Using this access, the 26-year-old stole a large amount of CSV (eg digital gift certificates). Kvashuk then put them on sale online.

He bought a $ 1.6 million house

Kvashuk first transferred 12 thousand dollars to his own account using his own account. Continuing to transfer money in his later transactions, Kvashuk continued his actions by using the accounts of other employees to avoid the possibility of his identity being noticed.

One of the methods Kvashuk used to launder money was to use Bitcoin mixers. Kvashuk transferred about $ 3 million worth of Bitcoin to his own account in about 7 months. Kvashuk was again able to conceal his robbery by filling out a number of forms that later sent those amounts as gifts. Later, Kvashuk, who spent his money on luxury investment, bought a $ 1.6 million house and a $ 160,000 Tesla car.

“I did not try to defraud Microsoft”

Kvashuk, who was sued, said during his trial that he “had no intention of defrauding” his former company, Microsoft. It is known that Kvashuk lived a luxurious life with the millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin he stole from the company.

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It has been learned that the criminal, who was sentenced to imprisonment and was awarded $ 8.3 million in compensation, may be deported after being released from prison. US Tax Administration (IRS) special agent Ryan L. Korner gave the following message about Kvashuk, who committed millions of dollars in robbery:

“The court decision taken today has shown that it is not possible to steal money from the Internet and cover up this crime with Bitcoin.”


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