Thiago Silva: “Messi seeks to control the game and influence the referees”


Brazil-Argentina continues … at least off the pitch. One of the names that continue to resonate after the game is that of Leo Messi. The Argentine player ordered the Brazilian coach, Tite, to shut up at a time during the match, and the Brazilian players didn’t like that.

After the meeting, Thiago Silva, central of PSG team, broke out against the attitude of the FC Barcelona player, as he considers that he takes advantage of the admiration he generates among the referees.

“I wanted to command the game. He gave two balls, and the referee did nothing. He argued with the referee and he kept laughing. We must put aside the admiration,” said the defender.

He believes that Messi takes advantage of the positive feelings generated by the Rosario striker among all those who are part of football, including the members, to do what he wants without any consequences for it.

“He always seeks to force the referee to give them foul situations or dangerous throws, and always act that way. We have talked with some players who play in Spain and the same thing happens, seeks to control the game, and mediate the referee’s decisions, “said the PSG central.

In addition, he also points to the referee of the meeting, which he criticizes harshly since he thinks he was “influenced” by the presence of the star of Argentina.

“In the Champions League it doesn’t have that advantage because the referees are tougher. You don’t see him trying to send so much. There are referees, who out of admiration, begin to side with him. Since we didn’t have Neymar by our side, he was disadvantaged. ”

Finally, the way to go from Messi to Tite, in which he even silenced the coach of the Brazilian team, did not like a Thiago Silva who expressed his opinion.

“It’s hard to understand when we talk about education on the field, and one of the most admired players in the world does that. I would not do it to an older person, but to do it to a coach … no matter how much rivalry there is, education has to come first. ”


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