Thiago Names 1 Trait That He “Envies”, Which Darwin Nunez Has in Abundance


Thiago is a player seeking to control the pace of the game, just don’t expect him to put himself in a position to win the 30—meter race – although he would like to win the race.

The 31-year-old is currently not playing at Liverpool due to a hip problem, which Jurgen Klopp hopes will be resolved in a timely manner, as Stefan Baisetic is ruled out of the season.

Thiago was absent after the defeat by Wolves in early February, but before that he played 11 matches in the starting lineup in a row.

He has qualities that other Liverpool midfielders do not possess, but this does not mean that the Spanish maestro is not “jealous” of certain abilities that some of his teammates possess.

“When you’re in the game, when you’re living the game, you just react. You can’t think too much, but running is not my thing,” Thiago explained to Liverpool’s Walk On magazine.

“My goal is to get the team to play slow or fast when necessary.

“For the best players in the world — and I don’t have that — it’s about trying to score 40 goals in a season.

“I tell Darwin that I have never in my life had the feeling of throwing a ball 30 meters in front of me and saying that I will go through this race to get it. Sometimes I envy that, of course.

“But this is life, we always want what we don’t have.”

Darwin Nunez certainly has this rough pace in abundance, plus chaos, which creates a sense of unpredictability for the opponent and, perhaps, sometimes even for himself.

But you have to say that, although Thiago may not be able to make a 30-meter dash, he has traits that countless players around the world would envy.

Thiago’s ability to find a goal with a reckless pass may be on this list, which we will see at least once while he is on the field.

“It’s a way to trick the other guys [opponents] so that I can pass the ball to my teammates in a better position,” the Liverpool number six clarified.

“You have to look before that, and if you see a body moving [out of the corner of your eye], you can say, ‘OK, I’ll make this pass,’ because you’ve seen it, you know exactly where it is.

“Then to pass without looking, you have to avoid getting your body or eyes where you want to get the ball.”


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