“They’re geniuses”: Natti Natasha praises BTS and opens doors for collaboration


After a question from fans, Natti Natasha expressed what she thinks of BTS’s music and did not rule out joining her voice to them to give herself the opportunity. BTS’s own style was acclaimed by Natti Natasha, a pop and reggaeton singer who moved the networks al mention the boyband. The interpreter praised the group and commented on how she imagines her joint project would be.

In a question and answer session via Twitter, Natalia Gutiérrez Batista answered two users who asked her about the septet. One of them asked him directly, “What do you think of a collaboration with BTS?”

The Latin star replied: “I would love to, they are geniuses and tough (capable).” It didn’t take long for the message to reach more than 36,000 “likes.”

With the conversation underway, another user expressed her curiosity about the theme of a hypothetical song featuring RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.

“As long as it’s good music and none of us lose our essence as artists. They have a unique style and combining it with mine would be bomb, “replied the singer of” Noches en Miami. ”

The ARMY fandom from Latin America applauded the idea and Natti Natasha’s witty response. “Hopefully it comes true”, “We are excited”, “What an intellectual response”, were some of the comments towards the Dominican.

The idea of ​​a collaboration in Spanish is not out of the question for BTS. In an interview after the release of “Permission to dance”, the boyband said it was open to any possibility of singing in Spanish or in languages ​​other than English, Korean and Japanese.


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