They walk the streets of Miami to ask for votes in elections


There are less than two months until the elections. The state of Florida is key to these elections and, especially, the Latino community. According to some studies, such as that of the Pew Research Center, it could also play a determining role.

That is why both the Democratic and Republican campaigns are holding various acts of support for their respective candidates, with the aim of persuading the vote of the Hispanic community in South Florida.

Both events were held with caravans. In the event supporting Joe Biden, the supporters carried signs saying that “Puerto Rico is not for sale”, referring to the information that appeared in recent weeks in which President Trump showed his interest in selling the Caribbean island after the passage Hurricane Maria three years ago.

The Trump support event was somewhat more patriotic, with people carrying American flags and caps bearing the popular slogan “Make America Great Again.” They consider that Joe Biden does not have a plan for the Hispanic community in the United States and point out that the current president has been “by our side.”

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