They viralize video of Jin dancing reggaeton Incredible!


ARMY viralizes and turns an incredible video of Jin from BTS dancing reggaeton, a song by Daddy Yankee!

We cannot deny that each one of the members of BTS have managed to conquer our hearts and admiration for their multiple talents and artistic abilities; Well, this boy band has shown us that in addition to their incredible voice, they are great for dancing!

And this time it was Jin who managed to become a trend on Twitter, after ARMY viralized a video of him dancing reggaeton, specifically the song “calmly” by Daddy Yankee.

It is worth mentioning that in this video Jin is not alone, as we see him dance accompanied by his fellow BTS members, Jimin and Suga, who by the way, also have great talent for dancing.

Video of Jin dancing reggaeton

Although we know that the BTS guys have better steps, we cannot avoid the emotion caused by seeing them dance to a song from another musical genre, especially when it is one of the most popular songs by Daddy Yankee.

Despite the fact that this unique video only lasts approximately 35 seconds, it was long enough for Jin to become a trend in social networks, and cause a huge uproar among the entire ARMY.

Jin conquers iTunes

Recall that yesterday, Jin was also part of the trends in social networks when he was recognized for a new record on the iTunes music platform, where his song “Moon” managed to position itself first in the chart of 100 countries.

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There is no doubt that the boys of BTS always manage to surprise us in different ways, both for their musical talent, and for their unique personalities that make them star in the most epic moments.

What do you like most about Jin?

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