They unmask the Vkook in Jungkook’s room. It’s NOT real!


Fans still believe in the ship between V and Jungkook but this was unmasked by a live video.

In social networks there is an endless battle over shipping between the members of BTS, however Cecilia Kookmin’s YouTube channel unmasked that there is an affective bond between V and Jungkook.

It was through a video that Cecilia narrates step by step and in great detail what happened in Jungkook’s room during a hotel stay. It all starts with a live broadcast.

Vkook is not real

Jin starts doing a VLIVE while tasting his food but soon someone knocks on his door. This one gets up and goes to open. To his surprise it was Jimin, who tells him that he will keep him company and they start eating together.

Everything is going well until they knock on the door again and they both look scared and make jokes about hanging up the LIVE since they know perfectly well that they left Jungkook out of the transmission and he could be upset.

Jungkook at the entrance of the door seems slightly annoyed with his companions because they did not include him so he decides to go to transmit alone to his room where after a short while Jimin appears who apologizes to him.

At that moment they begin to have affectionate looks and even awkward silences full of tension. Later, Jin arrives at the room and then V. It is there where everything is unmasked.

Jungkook’s hotel room

Going back to the beginning of the video! It is observed eating Jin and Jimin and the latter tells his partner that Jungkook’s room is much bigger than his.

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Later when the four are in Jungkook’s room, V says “whose room is this?”, Making it clear that this young man had not been in the room of the smallest of the BTS at any time.




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