They Stole 80 Thousand Pounds From Bitcoin Investors

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Bitcoin investor in the UK, aged 80, was scammed and lost £ 80,000

In the incident, which took place in Nottinghamshire, England, it is stated that the Bitcoin investor was a victim of fraud through a website. The investor deposited £ 400 after registering on the website, but lost all his savings after the investment, according to a statement by Nottinghamshire police.

What happened?

The 80-year-old investor was curious and researched on the internet because he heard a lot about Bitcoin and decided that this investment was suitable for him. Nottinghamshire police say the investor registered on the website, then was called multiple times by the company he registered with.

It is stated that the fraudsters continue to call and send messages 3-4 times a day to make the investor invest more.

Most of his money went like this

Police say the company persuaded the victim to invest more. But most of the investor’s money went through the takeover of his bank account. The fraudulent company stole £ 60,000 by accessing the victim’s online banking account.

The bank used by the victim noticed the suspicious situation in online banking transactions and stopped the investor from making online transactions. Nottinghamshire police said, “We told the investor not to pick up incoming calls and emails. We continue to work to support the victim. ” said.

Finally, it was stated that the frauds made with remote access are on the increase and therefore one should be careful.

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