They say Carolina Sandoval is desperate to look happy


It seems that not everyone believes the waste of happiness that Carolina Sandoval exposes on Instagram. “The best option I have to laugh and be happy,” wrote the former Suelta La Sopa panelist. Along with this message was also a video of Tik Tok, where smiling poses with one of her famous girdles and a nude jumpsuit.

Many of her followers applauded her message, and thus also her way of being on social networks, encouraging her to keep going. While another follower exposed the following out of nowhere: “Happy? in that desperation to look like it? I doubt it…”.

It should be stated that this is not the first time that a fan or hater makes this comment to the Venezuelan. Only these kinds of words were more common days after her dismissal from Suelta La Sopa.

At present, beyond this publication, fans have been attacking her because in recent months the journalist tends to expose her body with small garments, more naturally. This is why they have gone from calling her “clown” to “ridiculous” constantly.

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