They register second vaccine against Covid-19 in Russia


It is a fact, Russia continues to create vaccines against Covid-19 and today they announced that they registered the second and the third is on the way.

Russia continues with its vaccines and today registered the second against Covid-19 and called it EpiVacCorona, a drug that fights the virus, but which will also have to enter clinical trials to determine its effectiveness, they also announced that their third vaccine will soon be available, this was announced by Vladimir Putin.

According to information from the Russian president, the drug has been registered this Wednesday by the state scientific center for virology and biotechnology Véktor in Novosibirsk, “I would like to start with the pleasant information that the Véktor center in Novosibirsk today registered the second Russian vaccine against coronavirus, “he said.

The third vaccine against Covid-19 is on the way

Putin went on to say that “as far as I know, we have a third vaccine on the way, the one from the Chumakov Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences”; emphasized the need to increase the production of the first two registered vaccines and to supply the Russian market first.

In this sense, the Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Tatiana Gólikova, reported that the second registered vaccine “is characterized by the absence of reactogenicity and a sufficiently high level of safety.” “The first batches of the vaccine in the amount of 60,000 doses will be manufactured in the near future. And Véktor will begin post-registration clinical trials in various regions of Russia with the participation of 40,000 volunteers,” explained Gólikova.

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Clinical trials of the third Russian vaccine

Now the question is about the third vaccine against Covid-19 that is on the way, authorities indicated that this drug is being carried out at the Chumakov Center, the second phase of trials will begin on October 19, and will have the participation of 285 volunteers.

Finally, it is important to mention that The Truth News has followed up on this issue and it was learned that the 15 volunteers who participated in the first phase of tests in Russia “feel good” and did not show serious complications or side effects; clinical trials of this vaccine should be completed by December.


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