They propose to boycott Marvel’s Avengers


The announcement of Spider-Man exclusive to Sony consoles has sparked complaints from Xbox users, who propose boycotting the game.

It seems that the latest news about Marvel’s Avengers have not sat well with part of the community, and especially with the owners of an Xbox One. In the console forum on Reddit, with more than two million subscribers, a User has launched a campaign in which he encourages boycotting the Square Enix and Crystal Dynamycs game. The thing would not go from anecdote if it were not for the more than 14,000 likes that the idea already accumulates, with thousands of comments supporting it. Many ask for explanations to the companies involved and even Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, and even PS4 users have begun to appear who claim to show solidarity with the cause and to commit themselves not to buy the game.

The spark that has ignited everything has been the announcement that, within the game, Spider-Man will be exclusive to PS4 and PS5. Stan Lee’s favorite climber will join the Marvel’s Avengers bouts in early 2021, but only on Sony consoles. And it is not a temporary exclusive, as is usual in the industry, but this time it is permanent. After all, the character is still Sony’s property. But the advantages do not end there. Unintentionally, Square Enix has added fuel to the matter by confirming that PlayStation users will have exclusive 30-day access to various costumes, cosmetic items, and special moves.

Review bombing on the way?

Although these practices are common in the industry, Marvel’s Avengers seems to have paid the duck and has met with rejection from much of the community. We will see how this disagreement evolves in a year that has left us more than one boycott in the form of review bombing. The game faces a few key weeks with the launch of its beta (you can check here its schedules and how to access it). A beta that we have already been able to test in MeriStation and of which we leave you with first impressions, in which, even though we have doubts, we have seen important advances in the game.

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