They make the “world’s biggest” Nintendo Switch

Measuring 650% larger than the standard console, an engineer makes this 30kg, 170cm long version functional, with a philanthropic purpose.

Michael Pick, an American engineer, has designed the fully functional “world’s largest” Nintendo Switch and donated it to a children’s hospital in his town. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, United States, Saint Jude Hospital now owns this authentic work of engineering. In a video posted on YouTube he has explained the manufacturing process and how he has managed to make this machine work normally.

The measurements of this Nintendo Switch, which weighs about 30 kg, are 76 centimeters high by 177 centimeters long. Pick has used a 4K resolution screen, materials such as wood and plastic prints with a 3D machine for the Joy-Con (included inside) and buttons that adjust the position of each of the buttons on the original controls. The result is a 650% larger console than what we can find in stores.

Nintendo Switch in a big way; a small gift to a children’s hospital

The video goes through the assembly process step by step, starting with the creation of the chassis, then the buttons and finally the three-dimensional brackets that connect directly to the Joy-Con. Works like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or Fortnite work perfectly. Given the difficulty of being able to comfortably use the controls, this Nintendo Switch maintains compatibility with undocked Joy-Con controllers and solutions such as the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, which will make it easier for children admitted to Saint Jude hospital to enjoy the console wherever it is arranged; as if it were a normal and ordinary television.

This creation has a solidarity and philanthropic purpose; it has been donated in a disinterested way in said North American sanatorium. “The kids loved it! Honestly, the best thing about this process,” he said on Reddit via VGC. “I really like the Nintendo Switch. It is small, portable… but it is very easy to lose, and for me that was a problem. So I decided to fix it by doing something that was a little bigger and just a little harder to lose, ”he jokes.

Nintendo Switch has sold 79.87 million units worldwide until December 31, 2020. You can check here its release schedule after the Nintendo Direct last February.



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