They include Star Wars ships in Microsoft Flight Simulator


Star Wars fans include through mods these impressive modeled iconic ships with which to soar through the skies.

The community of users and modders are giving a touch of imagination to the realistic Microsoft Flight Simulator. The simulator of the North American company, one of the most successful games of the summer on PC, is now dressed as Star Wars through the application of mods that include unforgettable ships from the Lucasfilm film saga.

The user EggMan28 has shared from his personal page a compilation of files to install this mod on the PC version of Microsoft Flight Simulator, which is based almost entirely on the SimpleAircraft tool. To pilot an X-Wing or see the Millennium Falcon in the game is quite simple, although it already warns that it is a project still in development and that piloting is far from perfect; aside from other inconsistencies in sound tasks.

A Millennium Falcon flying over your home is possible in Microsoft Flight Simulator
Not surprisingly, these mods are designed to be enjoyed on a contemplative level, because they bring the possibility of seeing an X-Wing flying over our hometown, among other ideas that may arise for everyone. As he explains, installing the mod does not have much complication for those who already have the game installed through launchers such as Steam.

It currently features the Millennium Falcon, Snowpeeder, a Tie Fighter, and an X-Wing. In addition, it also includes another very recognizable name from the Star Trek series such as the USS Enterpise (NCC-1701D), the Galaxy-class starship of that universe.

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