They Have Frauded Under the Name of Binance in Texas


The State Securities Board in the US state of Texas stopped the operations of a company that defrauded investors using Binance’s name. Regulators in the region imposed sanctions on two more different cryptocurrency platforms.

Texas regulators have imposed access restrictions against three different cryptocurrency platforms that operate informally. It has been announced that these three platforms, which promise investors to get rich in a short time with high profit rates, are used for fraud.

Binance Assets and BinanceAssets LTD

The Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission issued a warning regarding a company called Delta Crypt. After this warning, the company changed and started using names such as Binance Assets, BinanceAssets LTD, Bit Kind LTD.

Using Binance’s name, the company gives investors the opportunity to earn money on these platforms. 30% to investors who buy a “gold package”; Investors who purchase a “diamond package” are guaranteed a 40% profit.

Texas regulators; Considering the company’s activities, the warning from the Philippines and the risky nature of cryptocurrencies, it restricted against Delta Crypt Limited.

Love for gold and silver packages

The State Securities Board imposed sanctions against two more companies, Digitaly Invest and FxSmart Robots, which were found to be trading in the oil, natural gas, precious metal and forex markets. The gold package, in which a 30% profit is promised, and the diamond package, where a 40% profit is promised, could also be purchased from these companies.

Regulators announced that both companies are defrauding people and selling securities in an informal way in Texas. “Investors should be wary of online platforms that promise them high, guaranteed returns,” said regulator Travis J. Iles. said.


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