They find the corona patient by sniffing


Dogs provide security against the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) at the Santiago International Airport in Chile. Specially trained Golden Retriever and Labrador breed dogs can detect malaria, Parkinson’s and cancer as well as Covid-19.

High rates of detection of patients with Covid 19

Passengers passing through the health check point at the airport wipe their necks and wrists with gauze. These gauze pads are then placed in glass containers for dogs to sniff easily. Samples placed in glass containers are sniffed by dogs to detect Covid-19. We know dogs by searching for bombs and drugs, but at Santiago Airport, dogs have previously been used to detect malaria, cancer and Parkinson’s diseases.

Dogs trained to detect Covid-19 are also on duty at airports in the United Arab Emirates and Finland, as well as Chile. According to researches, dogs can identify infected individuals with 85 percent to 100 percent accuracy. In addition, it is known that these dogs can eliminate healthy people with an accuracy of 92 percent to 99 percent.


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