They filter the date of Amazon Prime Day


Turned into an annual event, Amazon Prime Day is the summer Black Friday of the online sales giant. For 24 hours, Jeff Bezos’ website destroys prices and puts massive discounts in its gigantic catalog. But what began as one day, in 2018 it was already a day and a half (36 hours). And in 2019 the Prime Day lasted 2 whole days. How long will Amazon Prime Day 2020 be? Well, we still don’t know, because the health crisis we are experiencing delayed it indefinitely.

Delayed Amazon Prime Day 2020

The global Covid-19 pandemic has changed everything around the world. And Amazon has noticed. At the level of figures, it has been crazy, because with almost the entire world locked in their homes, the increase in online demand soared in March and April in such a way that in countries like France or Italy, Amazon put essential goods first like groceries, health items, or baby products before other orders. And in the United States, the Bezos service also noticed that business closure and that increase in online orders.

In fact, during the de-escalation, Amazon’s resources suffered. And for this reason, between the current situation, the increase in the demand for orders, and the web service itself -who pays the Prime subscription demands to receive their items earlier than another that is not Prime-, Amazon would have decided to delay its Prime Day a few months.

When will it be held? According to Reuters said at the time, the event could be delayed only 1 month and happen to be held in August. Although the Wall Street Journal newspaper proposed another date, and said that the event was delayed up to 2 months, being held in September.

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But we are now September 23, and Prime Day has not happened in August or September, although it could be in October: According to the CNET website, which has spoken with a direct internal source -four Amazon employees no less-, the new date is for next month. Amazon Prime Day will be celebrated on October 13, and according to this source, the company has already warned its employees not to ask for a vacation in the week of October 13 to 20.


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