They detect 6 emails for employees with malware traps


As if being autonomous was not already complicated enough -especially in this time of pandemic-, cybercriminals focus part of their Phishing and malware attacks against them. INCIBE has detected a campaign to send malicious emails directed at any employee or freelancer who has received them.

6 types of fake emails to delete

These emails use social engineering techniques, some of them impersonating known entities, which try to trick the user into downloading a compressed .zip file containing malware. And they can bring one of the following subjects:

Fwd: Urgent – Extrajudicial work process No. (******)
Fwd: Tax Service – Nº (******)
NOTICE – Electronic claim – Nº (******)
Fwd: Bank receipt – Nº (******)
WhatsApp Message Backup No. (******)
last warning – Burofax Online Shipping
Through these frauds, cybercriminals try to distribute a type of malware, identified as Trojan Downloader or Dropper, which is used to download other types of malware, which can take control of the affected device, and perform malicious or harmful actions for the victim , for example, stealing personal data or reinfecting the computer with other specific malicious software to carry out its objectives.


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