They deny Carlos’s financial support to Harry and Meghan


Since Harry and Meghan moved away from royalty, Prince Charles was revealed to be financially backing them

After Meghan and Harry resigned from their roles within royalty, it was known that Prince Charles offered them financial help, however, they reveal that after the Sussexes did the last act to completely renounce the royal family, so did they did to financial backing.

Meghan and Harry separated from the royal family almost at the beginning of 2020, last January, however their departure became official in March, later they moved to Canada at a time where it was reported that Prince Charles paid for their security.

Later, they moved to California, where they currently reside and where it was speculated at first that Prince Carlos would also have supported them particularly, for the residence in which they live, which they would have acquired since last July, in a town named Montecito, located in Santa Barbara, California.

However, it has now been revealed that Prince Charles did not financially support his youngest son, Harry, or his wife Meghan, as they sought to be totally independent from royalty and this also includes the financial aspect, they say.

According to a close source, he denied that the future King of England, Charles of Wales, had been financially supporting each of the Sussex movements upon his departure from royalty, although the British media have reiterated it on many occasions, apparently this was not well, they say.

So in the face of this new revelation, many will question where Meghan and Harry have paid for their entire controversial move so far, such information has not been revealed so far.

However, recently, last Monday, it became known that Harry would have fully covered the cost of the renovations of “Frogmore Cottage” which at the time was financed with money from English taxpayers.

However, the same source close to the couple confirmed to People magazine that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were not financially dependent on Carlos

Since they announced their official resignation from the Royal House, on April 1, they themselves have taken care of all their expenses, says the author of this report, whose identity is unknown.

The Duke of Sussex made a contribution to the Sovereign Grant. This contribution, as originally offered by Prince Harry, has fully covered the necessary renovation costs for Frogmore Cottage, a property of Her Majesty The Queen, and will continue to be the residence of the Duke and his family in the UK, ”said a spokesperson for the couple.

The “Frogmore Cottage” house is the residence that the “royal couple” would occupy in the United Kingdom, which underwent several renovations, which Harry and Meghan should cover since they were made with the money of British taxpayers.

Likewise, it was also announced that they should cover a rent, but the house is theirs and was reserved for when the Sussexes travel to visit England.

On the other hand, the most controversial royal couple recently announced their foray as content producers for Netflix, the purpose of Meghan and Harry is to create programs, series, etc. that generate a positive impact among the users of the platform.

It was thanks to this millionaire contract that the Sussexes would have managed to pay off some of their debts, they say, including that of “Frogmore Cottage”, this was known thanks to a statement that both sent to Variety magazine.

Within the future of the parents of little Archie, various projects for the couple were discussed, some of them were just theories and rumors, such as the return of Meghan to acting, a fact that according to what was announced in recent days will not happen.

What is a fact is that Meghan and Harry have continued with their charitable work, by supporting one of the foundations and have distributed food in the toughest months of the pandemic, even assuring that the dukes are already working on what will be their new The organization, which would be registered with the MWX Foundation, will nevertheless bear Archwell’s name as a wink at his young son.


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