They Criticize Capcom For The Street Fighter 6 Logo: It Comes Out Of An Image Bank


Capcom: The Japanese company has not commented on this, but the logo has small differences from the one in the game. Only a few hours have passed since Street Fighter 6 has been officially announced, but the first controversy has not been long in coming. The focus of criticism has been on its logo, since, as the creative director of Ars Technica, Aurich Lawson, has revealed, this logo is suspiciously the same as the one that can be found in Adobe’s image bank, for a price of $79.99.

“The new Street Fighter 6 logo is $80 on the Adobe Stock website,” he revealed on the aforementioned social network. I don’t even know what to say. He knew it was generic, but he wasn’t aware that this was so bad. They have searched for ‘SF’ in the database”, then “add the 6” below.

Similar but not the same

Both logos present small differences. In the case of the Capcom titles, the hexagon looks thinner, while some parts have a more rounded appearance. At the moment, Capcom has not commented on this, but it is not the first time that one of its logos has been in the eye of the hurricane.

Recently, the Japanese amicably settled an accusation of possible plagiarism in the logo of the classic Resident Evil 4. The terms of said agreement have not been made public.

Street Fighter 6 has been announced through a teaser trailer, still without a release date or confirmed platforms. The previous installment was exclusive to PS4 on console, although it was also sold on PC.

After several years on the market, Capcom expanded the game with new game modes and fighters, free and paid downloadable content. At the end of 2021 it was confirmed that they were not going to work on more content, which already anticipated the possibility of a new chapter of the well-known fighting series.