They Can Increase 1000 Percent! 4 Altcoins Under $1!


Bitcoin (BTC) continues one up, two down movements. We started to see $5,000 dips abruptly as tough resistances were painstakingly surmounted. Bitcoin (BTC) fell back to $36,000 days after seeing $45,000. Altcoins have not been able to experience a serious recovery anyway, so they drooped below their levels when Bitcoin hit $33,000.

Of course, in addition to these losses, it also provides the opportunity to enter the market at low cost. If you can identify the right projects, you can see that prices have reached much higher levels in the long run than today. Altcoin Buzz analysts shared in this way and shared 4 high-potential altcoins with a price below $ 1. Moreover, this time, familiar projects are mentioned, so they may not be marketing the project for advertising revenue.

The Graph (GRT)

Graph is an indexing protocol for querying data for networks such as Ethereum and IPFS, powering many applications in both DeFi and the wider Web 3 ecosystem. It is a protocol that facilitates the smooth flow of data from one blockchain to another, so because of the novelty and benefits of this platform, it enables dApps to use data from other dApps and send data to Ethereum via smart contracts. It was a rapid adoption that led to billions of inquiries just a year after launch.

Gala Games (GALA) plans to reintroduce creative thinking into games by giving players control of games and in-game assets with the help of blockchain technology. Gala Games is powered by users running GALA nodes from their computers and has more than 16,000 GALA nodes. In addition, Gala Games has very important partners such as Flare Bitrue Brave and Polygon (MATIC).

Oasis Network (ROSE)

Oasis is the leading privacy-enabled and scalable layer-1 blockchain initiative. Oasis Network, coupled with its high throughput, low gas fees, and secure architecture, can power scalable DeFi. It could revolutionize Open Finance and expand it beyond traders and early adopters into a mass market.

The next major upgrade of Oasis Network will enable the Oasis blockchain to reach thousands of smart contract transactions per second, further increasing the popularity of the network. Also supported by Binance, ROSE may be one of the shining stars of 2022. Of course, for this, the entire crypto money ecosystem should not be destroyed on our own.

Cryptocom Coin (CRO)

It is the native token of the exchange and this exchange aims to reach more users around the world. With an advertising agreement worth more than 1 billion dollars, 5-10 and 20-year contracts were signed. The CRO hopes to maintain its presence in the cryptocurrency ecosystem for the next 20 years. If it can survive and continue to grow for the next 20 years, its native token could outperform BNB. In 2017, BNB was well under $20, and on that day no one thought the price could be in the triple digits.

Of course, many of these are the opinions of Altcoin Buzz analysts. These altcoins are under $1, and there’s no guarantee they won’t drop below 1 cent. Therefore, when shaping your investments, decide according to your own evaluation, not what you read on the internet. After all, when you lose money, no one will cover your loss and when you win 1000%, you will not pay anyone a commission. So you are alone in the cryptocurrency markets.