They buy a lottery ticket for a drawing they didn’t want


An Australian couple who won a lottery jackpot of nearly $ 500,000 explained that they actually bought their ticket by accident as they were trying to enter a different drawing.

The Hastings Point, New South Wales couple told The Lott officials they were traveling by road through Australia when they stopped at a gas station in Queensland.

They decided to buy a lottery ticket, they wanted to participate in the drawing on September 12, but they made a mistake and chose a different one.

“Can you believe that I was actually destined to buy a ticket for another drawing? This was actually the wrong ticket, ”the man said.

“It was a complete mistake, a very good mistake.”

Never better said, since the “very good mistake” led them to win $ 453,135 dollars thanks to their winning combination.

The couple said their earnings will help them improve their travel plans.

“We have been living in our caravan in Queensland for the last few months, so this means we can upgrade it or maybe buy a new one,” the man said.

“We will also share it with our family and use the money for other trips. The rest we will save for the future ”.


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