“They are under water” — The Internet Destroys Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos For His Peculiar “Commercial” Position Regarding Streaming


If you’ve ever wondered why Netflix doesn’t launch live sports broadcasts, Ted Sarandos has the answer. The streaming channel was first founded in 1997 and became a hit thanks to such original projects as “Orange is the hit of the season”, “House of Cards”, “Darkness”, “Ozark” and “Very Strange Things”. The pandemic boom has only helped the platform turn into a streaming giant.


But in the World Cup season, people were wondering why Netflix still isn’t trying to keep up with the competition by offering live broadcasts. His co-CEO gave one possible reason for this, but fans have now started trolling him for his profit statement.

What do fans think about Netflix shying away from the idea of live sports broadcasts?

At the height of the World Cup season, several streaming channels broadcasting it are leading in the audience rating. But Netflix has somehow moved away from that. Co-CEO Ted Sarandos gave the reason for this. MorningBrews released a statement by Ted Sarandos about Netflix: “We are not against sports, we are for profit.”

He described the idea of streaming sports as a “loss-making profit,” but viewers don’t seem thrilled with the idea. People ridiculed his response in the comments, saying that the channel was already suffering losses. After the pandemic, Netflix lost a lot of paid subscribers.

In April 2022, there were reports that the streaming platform had lost at least 200,000 accounts. At the same time, one fan pointed out that live sports broadcasts helped Hulu attract subscribers.

However, some people also defend Sarandos’ choice to stick with the show, as sports broadcasts can be expensive for channels. While some also admire him for speaking directly about his capitalist ideas.

To attract more paid viewers, the platform has come up with an ad-based subscription, but its success has yet to be tested.

International shows and original series/movies have been a great way to show so far. However, it remains to be seen how the platform will outperform its growing competitors in the future.

What do you think about the co-CEO’s statement? Let us know in the comments.


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