These were questions left from the season premiere


Season 8 of The Blacklist has started on NBC, but with it too many questions, especially with the surprising twist and the return of Dom.

The return of Dom and the lie towards Liz

Liz is looking to understand Dom’s motivation, but one thing that has raised doubts and suspicions is that Red could be related to him in some way. But how long will Dom last this season?

Will Katarina murder Dom?

Let’s remember that Katarina has been looking for how to kill Dom, but is it for revenge? Katarina won’t stop until she achieves her goals and one of those is the murder of Dom.

Was Ressler and Liz’s kiss for real?

One of the scenes that many viewers expected to see in the season 8 premiere of The Blacklist, was the kiss between Ressler and Liz. At the time that said kiss occurred, Liz was acting strange, all to “seduce” Ressler and take the gun away from him. But was the kiss for real?

Will Red forgive Liz?

With Liz’s betrayal and the alliance he made with Katarina, Red is very upset, but will he trust Liz again and forgive her? Everything seems to indicate yes, but at what point?

Will this be the last season?

According to rumors and comments from fans and actors at season 8 of The Blacklist, it could be the last, with a fatal fate for Red due to her illness and a Katarina at the ass.

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