These three world giants are holding 11,000 Bitcoins


MicroStrategy’s acquisition of more than 38,000 BTC has indirectly provided Bitcoin exposure to the three major investment companies and the fund.

The Norwegian Wealth Fund, which has an asset size of more than $ 1 trillion today and has investments in numerous stocks around the world, now indirectly owns approximately 600 BTC.

This data was revealed in a report released Saturday by crypto research firm Arcane Research.

As it is known, the US business intelligence company MicroStrategy has recently received 38,250 BTC. The Norwegian Wealth Fund owns a 1.51 percent stake in MicroStrategy. Arcane Research’s analysis calculated that the Norwegian Wealth Fund holds a position of 577.6 BTC in line with its share in the company.

In addition, the two major investment consultancy companies BlackRock Fund Advisors and Vanguard Group have 15.24 percent and 11.72 percent, respectively. This equates to 5,829 and 4,482 BTC.

There are $ 6 trillion 200 billion in assets under the management of the American investment consultancy company Vanguard Group. In BlackRock Fund Advisors, this figure is 7 trillion 300 billion dollars.

MicroStrategy has been making the company headlines in recent months. The company, which has a market value of $ 1.5 billion, announced in August that it received 21,454 BTC and recently announced that it received an additional 16,796 BTC.

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