These three backwards compatible games are free


Players who have debuted on Xbox with Series X | S or a new One should know that Crackdown, Crackdown 2, and Too Human are free.

Xbox Series X | S launches globally today, November 10, 2020. Microsoft’s new gaming platform comes with a host of new features but also a noteworthy legacy: thousands of backward compatible games from the three generations prior to Series : Xbox, 360 and One. Surely many users are new players of the brand, and that is why we wanted to emphasize that there are three Xbox 360 games that are totally free to download at no cost. They are Crackdown, Crackdown 2 and Too Human. Just search for them in the Xbox store and download them to the console.

Crackdown is without a doubt the most attractive of the three Xbox 360 titles for several reasons. This is a sandbox game with special powers and a highlight arcade touch as we enforce the law in Pacific City. Among its virtues was an original graphic style, a more than competent character control, a lot of things to do and a huge map to interact with, although it is true that it could be done something short.

For its part, Crackdown 2 lagged behind the first installment. Developed by Ruffian Games, the title came with good intentions thanks to its four-way cooperative, spectacular explosions and actions, many sandbox options beyond missions and a large number of challenges of all kinds. Mind you, the game had very poor AI, the customization options were minimal, and the game for a solo user was a somewhat chaotic experience.

And the ambitious Too Human

The third in contention is Too Human, a title that went through a tortuous development and surely sinned with great ambition. Despite the game’s somewhat cold reception, the reality is that it was arguably a sublime game, with deep character customization and many questions in the air that left you wanting more. What does not mean that it had a somewhat crude control, it was not too long and on a technical level it was already discreet for the time.

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