These “marriages at first sight” survived


For whom the wedding at first glance was a success? Year after year, lonely people try to find their soulmate as part of a social experiment. The peculiarity of this event is that they get to know their potential partner for life only at the wedding! Experts Dr. Sandra Keldorfer (41 years old), Beata Quinn and Markus Ernst based on tests and interviews. Several times they had a really good nose: these show couples are still over the moon with each other!

In 2020, Annika and Manuel said “yes” in the framework of the TV format. Although these two had several teething problems, and their honeymoon was already somewhat of a crisis, they could hardly be happier: the couple not only intends to get married again, but also welcomed their first offspring into the world a few weeks ago. “We paid all our attention to our little daughter, who stole our heart,” Annika said on Instagram in mid—September.

The blonde and steak lover embarked on a social experiment in 2015, although at that time she married different partners. Experts did not see her as a potential match. However, their previous love story proves the opposite: about two years ago they became parents of a son together.


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