These K-Pop groups could be nominated for GRAMMYs


The GRAMMY Awards could include some K-Pop groups for their next edition. K-Pop continues to make its way around the world. After conquering the hearts of fans from different countries, idol groups have also begun to have an increasing presence in festivals and awards at international level, what will be the next recognition for this industry?

Despite the popularity of K-Pop, the music of idol groups has not received any nominations within the GRAMMY Awards, but fans do not lose sight of the Best New Artist category for some of their favorite idols. Although the power of the fandoms of these groups has been recognized, the time for their talent to be recognized may come very soon.

Some point out that the reason K-Pop groups have not entered the nominee lists previously is because the award rules are a bit mysterious and limiting, but now that they have undergone a change, it has also come a new opportunity.

According to Forbes magazine, now that the Best New Artist category will have 8 and not 5 nominees, some K-Pop groups could qualify for a nomination.

Among the candidates that Forbes considered as possible nominees are BLACKPINK, SuperM, NCT 127 and MONSTA X, since all of them have had outstanding musical releases and reached high positions in the music charts.

Regardless of which group or groups manage to enter the nominations, it will be a success and a pride for the K-Pop community, so we hope that some of them will be nominated for this category.

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