These decisions make Jamie Fraser a fan-hated character


Ardent Outlander fans would have to admit that not everything Jamie does is honorable. He has some shady attributes and some of the things he does are unforgivable no matter how heroic some of his actions may be.

Is it too good to be true?

There are certain things about Jamie Fraser that seem too good to be true. The little things leave viewers questioning the integrity of his character. Then there’s the way he smiles while he sleeps in Outlander.

Is it overprotective?

Jamie believes in a husband who takes care of his wife and when it comes to Claire, he is a jealous protector. However, as the Outlander series progresses, this protective zeal is replaced by overprotective mistreatment.

He watches over Claire’s every move. Outlander viewers have come to know him as Claire’s protector, but at times he definitely overpowers himself and becomes possessive.

Do you have a criminal side?

Jamie doesn’t do everything ethically, and this doesn’t always meet with the approval of Outlander fans. When Jamie started his printing job in Edinburgh, it was with the intention of covering up an illegal smuggling business.

He was smuggling merchandise across the country, and it’s a downright crime. The printing business was to support his Jacobite sentiments and he eventually burned out, but it’s not the first (or only) crime he’s committed in Outlander.

Did I leave your son?

Fans of Jamie Fraser on Outlander, who have diligently followed the series, will have witnessed the good, the bad, and the ugly of the character. One of the most unforgivable things Jamie did was abandon his son William.

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When he stayed with the Dunsany family so he could bond with his son. But when things got a little awkward and people started commenting on how much he looked like William, Jamie made the decision to leave the boy and the Dunsanys in Outlander.


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