These Could Be The Features Of The Next iPhone SE


iPhone SE: We are less than a week away from knowing the plans that the bitten apple has for the beginning of 2022. The company has already announced its first event of the year that has nothing to do with WWDC 2022. Everyone will be aware of that moment and what appears that day, such as a new version of the iPhone SE from which certain characteristics are already expected.

The possible features of the iPhone SE 2022

The iPhone is one of the most important devices in the world of smartphones. Many may not be able to opt for the standard version of the terminal, but the bitten apple has been offering a cheaper version for years, which you don’t think has anything to envy its older brothers in terms of quality and power.

Recall that the firm launched its first SE series device in 2016 and it was not until 2020 that we saw a review of it. This is four long years apart, but the latest rumors point to the arrival of a new terminal on March 8. Its characteristics are a mystery for now, but there are those who, a few days before the presentation, dare to shed some light on its characteristics.

The curious thing is that it is not “anyone” who makes these claims, but rather it has been the Chinese analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who has given the data. On his Twitter account, he has published some of the data on the specifications, where it can be seen that the iPhone SE 2022 could arrive with nothing less than an A15 processor and an internal space of 64, 128 and 256 GB with an integrated 5 GB capacity. .

The Chinese analyst, who is usually right with his predictions about the products of the bitten apple, affirms that the design will not vary much from what we have seen in previous models and that it will arrive in three colors: white, black and red. It seems that the Californian firm saves the multi-colored chassis for the highest-end devices since these are the classics of the Chinese firm’s manufacture.

Now it only remains to confirm with the specification sheet that the bitten apple provides if these data are true, but first it will be interesting to know if there will finally be a review of the iPhone SE this year.