These consoles that were more expensive than the PS5


If some people complain about the price of the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, it would do well to remember that things were much worse in the past … As proof these consoles, which were offered at more expensive than the next consoles- gen when released.

The new generation consoles are now available, and among the complaints of some players, we note in particular that related to the price. For many, the price of 499 € for the two competing consoles is too high. In fact, if you look back, this is a very good price, especially if you take inflation into account. Because 500 € in 2020, this actually corresponds to 383 € in 2000 … In other words, the PS5 and the Xbox Series X are not more expensive than the consoles that we will discuss here, which were in turn displayed at a price pretty crazy for the time.

The Sega Saturn

In Europe, the Sega Saturn is marketed at a price of 399 pounds sterling, or 3299 francs. If we take inflation into account and convert it into euros, we were therefore on a base price of € 716! Suffice to say that the console was overpriced at the time, which explains its failure in the long term.

The PS3

The PS3 sparked a real controversy when its price was revealed: 599 €, it is already too much for the time, so today when we add inflation, we simply reach the price of 717 €. In short, those who complain about the current 500 € of the PS5 have not known the 2000s, or have decided to forget them! Quickly, Sony was also forced to lower the price of the console, considered far too high.

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The Atari 2600

The Atari 2600 was one of the very first consoles in history: released in 1977, it was priced at $ 199. Today, that may not seem like much. But at the time, that was about $ 855, or 720 euros. Suffice to say that in the 70s, it seemed crazy to spend so much money on a video game console, the latter were not yet democratized at the time.


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